Using Pay by Phone Casinos to play on

For the first time this year, mobile gaming has overtaken traditional desktop gaming. This is the new version! 

This is a massive change in the market and many companies have had to react accordingly. For example, IT companies such as HP and Dell have ceased production on a lot of their consumer desktop computers due to a massive fall in demand. Additionally, in the gaming market, many mobile casinos are rising in stature due to the increase in mobile gaming. This has led to many changes including payment methods with many gaming sites on the web now allowing players to pay by phone.
Pay by phone casinos are becoming more popular for many reasons. Internet users now more than ever are more conscious of staying secure online and with cybercrime at an all-time high, some customers are reluctant to enter personal information online for fear that their details will be compromised. The pay by phone service is a good alternative, particularly in the gambling industry but what are the real benefits?

Advantages of Pay by Phone

There are many advantages to the pay by phone casino services and it is starting to prove a popular method for players who want to play casino games but still make regular deposits. Arguably the most important factor is the increased security that pay by phone offers. This is because the method eliminates the need to use your debit or credit card details. Often, the only thing required is a phone number so that your payment can be charged to your phone bill. This eliminates the risk of personal data being compromised as it is not required to receive the deposit.
Another benefit is for mobile players who would perhaps be using their card details on the move. It can be a great source of frustration trying to enter your personal details on your mobile phone or tablet while you are out in public. Using a pay by phone merchant such as Boku also eliminates the need to use your details in a public place which can also be risky.
Pay by phone also means that you can technically pay later with the balance being subtracted along with your usual phone bill. This presents an extra option for a player that perhaps would like to pay the balance off at a later date.

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Pay by Phone Additional Info

It is important to be aware that the pay by phone service is a general term and to access the service, players will have to find a casino that accepts it as a method of payment. Then it is a case of choosing the right service. Different pay by phone services will have different features and Boku for example, is designed for mobile casinos. There are plenty of options to choose from so do your research to find the best merchant and then choose a casino site that accepts it as a method of payment.
Overall, there are many advantages to choosing pay by phone and we really like it as a method of making deposits. Happy gaming!